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“THERE IS ONLY ONE THIN HAIR BETWEEN DIVINE INFORMATION AND PURE IMAGINATION!”-. Psychic advertisements are all over television, Facebook, Google, newspapers, magazines but there are no publicized public predictions.

Here are the first of my psychic predictions for 2015!My 2015 psychic predictions are very interesting, because 2015 is going to be a year of mixed events.. After hours of astral travel, and consulting with my Guides and Angels, here is what has been revealed to me regarding the events of 2015 that are going to unfold.

How can you not trust a psychic rodent? We like to think that Punxsutawney Phil. we too are making our best educated guesses. But, in the end, our predictions are just about as meaningful as those.

Top 10 famous psychic predictions for 2015 and Beyond Are you curious about what will happen next in the future? Do you know Nostradamus , Baba Vanga , or the Psychic Twins , who have made the accurate prophecies like the event of 9/11 terrorist attacks or the eruption of Ebola epidemic?

the tower tarot The Tower tarot card represents the collapse of an established order. major changes, metamorphoses, reorganization of environment or a certain situation, and although we most probably think that it happens against our will, we have arrived here by ourselves.

A Texas psychic is suing the State of New York for $100,000. are 1000 times greater than the suffering of the Great Depression." He makes several predictions in the complaint, including that no one.

including statements regarding the re-launch of the Psychic friends network brand, PFNI’s business plan, website and mobile applications. readers are cautioned that these forward-looking statements.

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Psychic Twins Predictions 2015-2016 on 1-11-15 But people still believe these predictions and even use them. “[Here’s] your annual reminder that using the Farmers Almanac for a seasonal meteorological outlook is about as good as going to a.

Welcome! I am Amira Celon, a natural born witch and renowned Psychic and Astrologer. I have a background in television and have a passion for relocational astrology as I have tested many locations living in many different countries as an expat and have done extensive research about relocated natal or.

Predictions for 2015 – Part I These Predictions are for Jan 2015 – Posted Jan 1, 2015 11:00 am. CDT. . (Updated: Jan. 05, 2015 to add link to Paranormal website) ***Please note, some of these predictions were [.]