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Tina Vesely – Spiritual Advisor and Psychic Medium. As a psychic medium, spiritual advisor, transformational coach, and lecturer, Tina has, over the past 25 years, helped thousands with her uncanny ability to predict future events.

My services remote tarot Readings Get a Reading wherever you are by phone, messenger, or text. Set up a convenient time, I have evenings and weekends available. If you would like more access to me, you can arrange to have an "anytime pass" where you can contact me at any time on any day or [.]

Tina Gong, a New York-based designer and witch. Jayne Wallace, the founder of Psychic Sisters, has made a name for herself as a ‘celebrity psychic’. Ms Wallace, whose practice is based in.

the sun reversed The Sun reversed doesn’t bring bad news as you would think. The card’s effect is only slowed down. You will have to work harder to achieve happiness or success or it will take longer to achieve your goal. Stay focused on what you are trying to achieve because success is around the corner.

And maybe also stop insisting on 30 Rock that Liz Lemon (ie, Tina Fey) is fat and ugly when she is patently. Thanks to my innate talents as a fashion-advice columnist, my God-given psychic.

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The path we follow through life is often shrouded in mystery, which many times is part of the fun. There are those times when the path before us comes to a fork and it is necessary to peek beyond the veil and seek advice from the universe.

With 30+ years as a veteran psychic, clairvoyant, and medium, & over 5,000 + hours of experience by phone and in person, Tina offers psychic readings.

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