queen of cups yes or no

YES or NO Tarot Reading – Queen of Wands. The Queen of Wands is an energetic, passionate and independent woman. It means a person who is career-oriented and successful. It points to honesty, prudence and self-confidence as well as to someone who is looking for positive self-development. The answer that can be associated with this is: YES.

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Yes/No Interpretation: Yes, things have come into balance and you do in fact have the kind of control over the situation you think you do and think you should. King of Cups Tarot Card Meanings – Reversed. There is a peril to having such a complete understanding of emotions as the King of Cups does, and that is it also gives you the power to.

Queen of Cups says mastery of emotional integrity – the ability to always look on the bright side of things, utilizing sensitivity and relying on intuitive ability rather than common sense. crystal Clear Reflections

Eight of Cups and Six of Swords: a. Indicates a major break up and move in the process. b. Looking for a new place to live after or during a breakup. Eight of Cups and Ten of Swords. a. Walking away from a situation that is dead and over. b. There is no turning back. It’s over. Eight of Cups and Five of Pentacles: a. Eviction. Homelessness.

 · Asking YES/NO Questions with Your Tarot Cards. Posted on December 15, 2014 by Kate. After shuffling the top card i pulled was a Queen of Wands. I use the images to interpet messages.. 10 of Cups, The World, also mean a “yes” and perhaps the more difficult cards like The Tower and 10 of Swords could mean “no”, but there are just so.

The Two of Cups can also signify balance, as the card is showing us symmetry between the male and female it features. The Upright Two of Cups Meaning. The Two of Cups is one of the very few cards within the tarot that has an overall positive meaning in each position.

 · Two of Cups Tarot Card Description. This card shows an image of a man and a woman that are exchanging their cups in a ceremony. There is the symbol of Hermes’ caduceus in between which is often related to negotiation, trade, cosmic energy, protection, proper conduct, and duality.

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