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The Queen of Disks represents the watery part of Earth, the function of that element as Mother. She rules from the 21st degree.

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The Queen of Disks. As the Queen of the Suit most connected to the home environment, families, materiality and fecundity, the. All Thoth tarot cards displayed are copyright US Games Inc..

Queen of Pentacles Alternative Names: Queen of Disks, Queen of Pentacles, Woman of Worlds, Sage of Worlds, Queen of Diamonds . I plan to complete this webpage in January of 2012. The Thoth Tarot Calls this card the "Queen of Disks." The Waite and Marseille decks call this card the "Queen of Pentacles." The Voyager Tarot calls this card the "Woman of Worlds." The.

the magician tarot The magician tarot card is a generally good and positive card, just like the Four of Wands.It’s usually associated with intelligence, logic, and skill, like the King of Swords.. It signifies the drive and the inner strength that propel you to turn your dreams into reality.

Matter and Spirit series: The Queen of Disks, the descent and the climb. Matter and Spirit. Deconstructing the Court Cards and our solar year Part II of XVI. and the desert in the Rosetta Queen of Disk and the Thoth Queen of Disks versions of the card. tabula mundi tarot’s Queen of Disk has.

Tarot Decks. The oldest group of surviving Tarot cards, called Tarocchi in Italian, appears to date from 1420 to 1450.. Tarocchi (Italian, plural form of Tarocco) also known as Tarock (German-Austrian name) and Tarot (French name), is a specific form of playing card deck, which in its history was used for different trick-taking games and also for cartomantic interests and divination (concrete.

THE thoth tarot deck (2) The Minor Arcana . These, as with all Tarot decks, are partitioned into four suits – Wands, Swords, Cups and Disks. Each suit has ten numbered cards plus four court cards. The court cards are the Knight, the Prince, the Queen and the Princess. The first of the numbered cards is the Ace.

Earthy Capricorn – Zodiac Animal = Goat position Zodiac parade Queen of Disks -Thoth Tarot. Deck Of Cards tarot decks capricorn magick Astrology Aleister Crowley Pentacle fortune telling oracle cards. More information. Saved by. Lillian Pandola. 1.

Queen of Disks. Capricorn The Queen of Disks represents the watery part of Earth, the function of that element as Mother. She represents passivity, usually in its highest aspect. The Queen of Disks is throned upon the life of vegetation. She contemplates the background, where a calm river winds through a sandy desert to bring to it fertility.

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