reconciliation tarot spread

psychic tina The path we follow through life is often shrouded in mystery, which many times is part of the fun. There are those times when the path before us comes to a fork and it is necessary to peek beyond the veil and seek advice from the universe.

Simple tarot spread that the querent asks whether they and person B will reconcile. Any interpretations are greatly appreciated. Thanks Will the querent and person B reconcile?: Seven of cups Reversed How person B feels about a reconciliation?:

The Ten of Cups is the ideal card for a reconciliation spread if what you really want to create a future with your lover. This is the card of settling down, creating a family and building a future.

Justice: predictive tarot card Meanings . July 24, 2017. lisa boswell. tarot. justice is the Tarot card of law. In a reading Justice will be a card meaning either human laws, universal laws or both.. Alternatively, Justice in a negative position or in a bad spread can be a reminder that life.

Tarot To The Rescue: Will He Return? Using tarot to answer this all too common question.. (Learn more about this spread at her post Tarot Bridges.) The positions are: Situation, She believes he is the love of her life and is holding out hope for a reconciliation. The cards: 10 of Swords.

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Repair Your Relationship with a Reconciliation Tarot Reading Restore and strengthen your connection

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NB: If you would like to ask a question about the meaning about a particular Tarot card combination, you need to include the question and also if you used the spread with positional meanings. If you used a spread, you will need to share where in the spread the cards fell.

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 · MEANING: The Two of Wands is a number 2, and 2 in a reading indicates a period of gestation, of waiting and anticipation, and of great success in the future.