sagittarius daughter

my mom is a Scorpio, and im a Sagittarius. i was born on November though, i believe i do have a bit of Scorpio though. First impressions count on me, its rare for me to forget things, i tend to seek for revenge, i like to think alone,secretive, im no where near jealous though. yet again i am a Sagittarius i don't hold grudges i seek adventure, i hate to be tied down, i consider my self.

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Parent Astrology - Get to know your Sagittarius Girl The Sagittarius father traits show they will be highly compatible with an Aries daughter. They have the common traits of being direct, motivated to get things done and being popular with others. Sagittarius father is sincere, confident and enjoys the company of people. These Sagittarius father characteristics attract his Aries daughter to him.

Sagittarius Father – leo child. sagittarius dad is a ball lightning, only very friendly. He is stuffed with great ideas and always knows what to do, what games to play and where to go on a trip. leo adores the father for being full of life. And Sagittarius can not help but admire his child’s ability to communicate so well with other people.

If your Mom is a fire sign (aries, Leo, Sagittarius) Passionate, creative, and eternally youthful, the fire sign mom is always on the move. These superwomen want to have it all: amazing kids, a.

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Sagittarius: Alcestis – daughter of king pelias. admetus won her hand in marriage when he beat the challenge her father set. When fates were supposed to take her husband she volunteered to die instead of him. Capricorn: Cyrene – the daughter of King Hypseus of the Lapiths. One of the best hunters in the land.

Sagittarius dads will want to clamber on the roundabout with you, even if nobody over the age of two is allowed on it! Brad Pit is a Saggy dad, in fact most Saggy dads will be into fun and frolics.. Father/Daughter Relationships by Sign (66,007) KISSING STYLES BY SIGN (42,964) Father / Son.