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 · Scrying is a technique of divination and can come in many various forms. Those that use scrying believe that they can see things like spirits in the reflections of a translucent ball or other scrying.

 · We had a blast creating these adorable scrying mirrors, and you can too! Materials Needed: – Picture frame with glass, any size. (We used 5 x 5) – 1 can of high gloss black spray paint – Acrylic paints (any colors you choose) – Paint brushes or sponges – Fine powdered glitter (optional) – Rub-on transfers (optional) -.

There are many ways to contact spirit in a safe manner and I hold special workshops, using cards, tea leaf readings, scrying using bowls of water and mirrors and simple meditation/ intuition exercises.

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Scrying is the ancient act of divination for the purpose receiving information. The act of scrying is usually achieved by concentrating on, or staring at an object containing a shiny surface until a vision is reached.

Scrying is a method of divination and takes on many forms. information received varies with the type of scrying one is using to get answers. Information can be objective, message given that are independent of the scryer – or subjective, determined or influenced by the scryer. Scrying can also be.

The black scrying mirror, or magick mirror, is a powerful psychic tool. It can bring the user hidden knowledge and clairvoyant ability and can act as a portal to other planes of existence. History showsits use in many of the traditional mystery schools and oracular temples. today the serious student of magickal arts can rediscover the ancient rites of the [.]

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Called Scrying, which is-for those of you not up on your sorcery-the act of obtaining spiritual visions by peering into reflective surfaces like said bathroom mirror, this George Balanchine-inspired.