seeing auras around objects

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All of a sudden I have begun to see faint auras around things. I think they are auras, they are like faint glows around the object I am looking at and have a very faint tinge of colour to them. It has been happening when I am really relaxed and calm. Any guidance or advice would be appreciated.

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This is the perceiving and interpretating of the energy that goes along with for example a photo. With the perceiving of images with objects like photos and other personally belongings, the person takes up the energy of the object and the energy of the owner of the object.

Yes, when I started seeing similar, I only saw a whitish glow around people and objects. With time I saw colors. I was perplexed in the beginning that I saw this around objects, and that caused me to dismiss what I was seeing. I think that although the auras of humans are maybe more complex and dynamic, all things are made of the same energy.

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We are energy. And it is our frequency that creates an energetic field around us. This field around our physical body is known as the "aura." The auric field generally radiates six to 18 inches around the physical body. To be able to see auras, we need to develop our ability to understand how.

Helpful, trusted answers from doctors: Dr. Scartozzi on seeing flashing lights in peripheral vision: Possible if you suffer from migraines. Flashing or flickering in one eye can also signal pulling by the vitreous on the retina. Get it checked out!

Seeing white light/auras around objects when staring at them? (self.Meditation) submitted 5 minutes ago by pabbseven. Whats that about? Yesterday when meditating I kinda locked eyes on this small statue infront of me and as I went on breathing this white bright light started growing around it.