spirit guides and guardian angels

Spirit Guides are fairly high vibrational, so folks who resonate with these energies (those who have a lot of energy running through the upper chakras) will find it easier to connect with the guides. Guardian Angels. Everyone has at least two guardian angels around them, and some people have more than two.

Connect with your Spirit Guides Sleep Meditation   Receive Messages & Blessings I’m talking tonight on BBC Birmingham on Guardian Angels and Spirit guides so thought I would post this very popular old article about it. Tell me your story! Meeting your Spirit Guide or finding your guardian angel is a quick and easy fast track to wisdom and protection.

I personally prefer the term spirit guides or simply guides. Spirit guides do look out for us: our happiness, our safety, our success, and our health. Guides are different from arch angels, but they do work in concert with them since they share a common goal which is our personal growth and enlightenment.

Tip – Spirit Guides: Like Guardian Angels, Spirit Guides are assigned to us at birth, and we can have as many as seven of them. Sometimes a Spirit Guide is a soul that doesn’t want to incarnate again. Your Spirit Guide helps you to learn your spiritual lessons (which is why you chose to be here).

A guardian angel is a specific type of spirit guide. A spirit guide refers to a general category of beings who are in soul, or spirit form and not in physical form. guardian angels are thought to be the direct expression of the loving thoughts of God, They were sent to watch over you.

Spirit Guides and Guardian Angels. Over the last several months many people have asked about their spirit guides, want their names or even had their names and wanted to know more about them.

Receive clear messages from your Spirit Guides; Sit in a conversation with your guardian angels. learn all about the Ascended Masters and how to call on them .

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Spirit Guides: Ultimate Guide to Exploring the Spirit World, Finding Your Angel Guide and Mastering Spirit Communication (spirit world,angel guide,angel. angel,mediumship,channeling,inner journey)