strawberry moon meaning astrology

It’s a full moon, meaning the earth lies between the sun and the moon so the complete surface of the moon is visible. Each month’s full moon has a name and a meaning, dating back to Native Americans.June’s full moon is called the Strawberry Moon because the short season during which strawberries can be harvested happens in June.

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Strawberry Moon Name Variations. The Strawberry Moon of June is sometimes referred to by Europeans as the Rose Moon, while other cultures named it the Hot Moon for the beginning of the summer heat. When is the next Strawberry Moon? The Strawberry Moon dates are expressed in Coordinated Universal Time (UT), the international basis for other time.

The Strawberry Full Moon will be shining bright in our lives in the wee hours of June 28th, but while it sounds light and sweet, its influence couldn’t be more different.

New And Full Moon Phases 2019 Astrology and spiritual meanings designed for use as a personal metaphysical planner/calendar. New And Full Moon Phases 2019 Astrology and spiritual meanings designed for use as a personal metaphysical planner/calendar.. full moon June 17th Strawberry Moon.

Cafe Astrology offers a reality check wth the Strawberry Moon. According to the astrology site, "we can’t ignore our commitments to the outside world as much as we’re enjoying and appreciating.

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Just in case you weren’t paying attention during this particular astrology lesson in school. each month’s moon holds a special meaning. Pretty sweet, right? When it comes to the Strawberry Moon.

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