strength reversed

Strength tarot card reversed denotes a lack of courage, lack of passion, fear, even timidity, and impatience. Weak will and lack of backbone are indicated when Strength shows up reversed. The lion remains untamed, often due to fear of standing out due to peer pressure.

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Strength reversed can hint at a one-night stand. Upright, Strength is a card of how to balance power, but when reversed the card can indicate someone or a situation, which is overbearing. This can lead to others being intimidated by the person.

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The Strength Tarot Card in a health context is a great card to get. It usually an indicator of good or improving health and feeling fit as a fiddle. If you have been ill, Strength reversed can represent overcoming an illness or beginning to get your strength back. It also shows the body and mind coming back into balance.

The Reversed Position of the Strength tarot card: reversed Strength Tarot Card Meaning (Inverted) When Strength appears in the reversed position, it can represent weakness, insecurity, inconstancy, or indifference. Alternatively, it can represent excess, violence, and abuse of power. If you try to break the rules, you risk losing control.

Reversed Meaning – The Strength When the Strength appears in the reversed position it is a signal that you need to take a step back before you create a situation in your life that you will regret. Often a sign that your earthly priorities are not aligned with your true self and that you are.

Strength is the rawest form of power, and you possess it in some form. It is a very happy card if you are fighting illness or recovering from injury. As might be suspected, its influence over you, and the use you put it to, can trend towards light or dark.

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