tarot path spread

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Of all the topics in the breadth of human imagination, there is none ever so popular and mysterious as that of love. Whether you’re asking about new loves, or clarifying the situation with your current love, these tarot spreads are designed to help you out.

Using the cards to inspire a journaling practice is nothing new. You can find some amazing posts about journaling and tarot on Little red tarot including esme weijun Wang’s post on Restorative Journaling – which reading is an act of healing in and of itself. In fact, any spread cast is an opportunity for some reflective journaling or free writing (where you just write, as uninhibited and.

This Tarot spread was inspired by a meditation from the book "Awakening the Buddhist Heart" by Lama Surya Das. I am totally in love with his books and am always inspired to think differently about my life after reading them. In this meditation, we are asked to reflect deeply on our lives and, in.

Tarot does not predict the future. Instead, it reveals the possibilities of the outcome of taking an action while encouraging you to walk on the path of self-exploration. She will then pick out.

Authentic Tarot. On-line free tarot readings. Consult tarot for help and advice on love and relationships. Get tarot insight, future predictions.. Click any card in the deck and wait for the card to turn face-up in the spread below.

I like this spread alot because it focuses on multiple life purposes and not just one path as we all have purposes on different levals. So thank you for making a spread showing that. I used the Mary-El Tarot for this spread as I thought it would be appropriate.

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The 7-pointed Faery Star Tarot spread is illustrated with a layout of Emily Cardings Tarot of the Sidhe which is perfect for a faery path tarot reading. Each position in the spread represents one of the seven ancient Planets in classical astrology.

Like the twisting path spread, The Two path tarot spread can be a valuable lens with which to view the pros and cons of two possible scenarios, as well as bringing into focus the factor that will likely determine the final outcome. However, while the twisting path spread explores the decisions you must make, the Two Path spread illuminates.