temperance reversed

Two-Minute Tarot: Temperance Temperance in Reversed Position In a reversed position Temperance tells us that we need to take a step back and see where we can make positive changes in order to live more harmoniously. Instead of looking towards other people, look at yourself in the situation.

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Temperance Reversed highlights the fact that you have a problem with not learning from the lessons or experiences that come your way. You have a tendency to.

The meaning of the tarot cards temperance reversed. Interpretation of Temperance Reversed tarot card image and symbolic meaning with links to tarot spreads for 2018 daily, weekly and monthly covering love, money, health, life and work.

The Temperance reversed tarot card generally refers to a lack of balance in some aspect of your life. The other cards in the spread can help.

The Temperance reversed tarot card generally refers to a lack of balance in some aspect of your life. The other cards in the spread can help provide insight into what area this imbalance is affecting. Restoring this balance is the key to achieving your personal goals and aspirations.

Temperance reversed in a health context is a very strong indicator that you are out of balance in some areas of your life that are having a knock on effect on your health. The Temperance tarot card reversed can also be a sign of unhealthy or harmful excesses when it appears in a Tarot spread so.

Tarot Meaning Reversed: As in the upright meaning, reversed Temperance is a card about balance and relationships of all kinds. Friendships, family, romantic partnerships, and work partnerships all need your particular attention and nourishment when you see this card. More.

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Card for October 19, 2017. Tarot Card Lessons Made Easy, Reading: The Justice And Temperance Cards – Duration: 11:44. Mystic Shadow Insights Psychic & Spirit Channel 3,194 views

Temperance (Tarot Card #14) is most closely related to The Emperor (Tarot card #4). Whereas The Emperor card exerts control from an inherited position of leadership, Temperance effuses a self-control that has been learned and earned. When The Emperor appears in a reading with Temperance, a mastery of your passions leads to a major career.