the hermit reversed

3/11 - The Hermit (Reversed) - Card of the Day - Tarot by Elliot Oracle With The Reversed Hermit may you may feel left out in the cold by family and friends. You may be an outcast on the fringe of society. You may be an outcast on the fringe of society. You might be a true Hermit living on the side of the hill, unsociable and avoiding close contact with anyone.

Reversed Hermit in a reading. The reversed Hermit indicates a dire situation in the extreme; usually representing of someone so far gone off their path that they may be best just wiping their hands clean of a situation and starting over completely. The light of wisdom snuffed out, the path obscured, and hope gone the Hermit is alone and doesn.

The Hermit tells you to take care of yourself. The Hermit Reversed. The Hermit in reversed position can indicate that you are either taking too much time for personal reflection, or none at all. If the time spent with soul searching and introspection is making you a literal hermit, you should try to reconsider.

The wisdom of The Hermit in the Tarot is also intended as caution, for example, in evaluating where we are going and what we are doing. It also means an inner search and reflecting on the situations indicated by the nearby cards. A desire to discover the truth, seeking the truth. Reversed Card

The Hermit Reversed . You may be feeling self-pity and self-doubt. You need time to withdraw from society, friends, and family, which is not the best option, but it’s how you feel presently. You are suffering with loneliness and isolation.

The Hermit advises that you think things through carefully. The demands on you have been high, giving you scant time for reflection. While you have a gift for understanding the larger implications involved, you need some private time to consider the steps to take in the future.

The hermit tarot card: Upright, Reversed, & Love Meanings The hermit card meaning. The Hermit card in Tarot is a card of introspection, soul searching, analysis, and self-reflection. It denotes that this is not a time of socializing or action but of peace and solitude.

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