the reiki principles

If you have learnt Reiki Level One reminding yourself of the Reiki principles is as beneficial as hands on Reiki practice. If you haven’t learnt Reiki Level One you may still like to practice the Reiki principles each day. When you read over the Reiki principles you will notice that some are easier to implement than others.

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With the Reiki principles providing the spiritual framework, Reiki Practitioners can add balance, peace and substance to their life. Essentially, the 5 principles are a spiritual code to live by. These five guiding ideals are thought to have been influenced by the five principles of the Meiji Emperor of Japan whom Usui admired.

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The Reiki Principles or Gokai are the cornerstone of Usui Reiki and are guidelines to aid the practitioner in their spiritual and healing journey. dr. usui taught his students to recite the Principles once in the morning and again in the evening.

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A deeper look into the famous Reiki Principles. Video Created by Ryan Lavender and Torsten Lange.

The Reiki Principles are simple, yet will make a profound difference in your life! The Reiki Principles will give you more peace in your life. What a wonderful World we would live in if everyone adopted these simple Reiki Principles!. Just for Today I Will Not Worry

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The Five Reiki Principles For the past months, I’ve been practicing Hatsurei-Ho , a Japanese Reiki meditation technique which incorporates the reciting of the 5 Reiki Principles. What struck me a few weeks into this practice was the feeling I got from the words that make up the 5 Principles; that a "stern someone" was standing over me.

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