the sun reversed

If the sun tarot card shows up in your reading as reversed, you may be experiencing resentment from those around you. It may be that they are jealous of your success and that blaming you for their failures is a lot easier than fixing what’s wrong with their own lives.

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The Sun - Reversed Sun tarot card reversed indicates new beginnings, success and happiness being blocked. Success is blocked due to reaching the wrong conclusions and having bad reasoning and poor logic. Things are frustrating and unclear. There might be some problems with pregnancy or raising young children.

The Sun (reversed) Meaning – in General. If you receive the Sun card in reverse it’s a sign that you’re in a dark place. Something has caused your confidence to hit rock bottom and this is the reason why you have withdrawn from the world around you.

The Sun has only gone behind a cloud and will be back soon enough. The Sun Reversed can suggest that you are denying your creative side or not developing it. Unless you find an outlet for your natural talents and gifts you will never be truly happy. The Sun Reversed can suggest that some of the warmth may have gone out of your relationship.

The Sun reversed doesn’t bring bad news as you would think. The card’s effect is only slowed down. You will have to work harder to achieve happiness or success or it will take longer to achieve your goal. Stay focused on what you are trying to achieve because success is around the corner.

The Sun is a card that mostly speaks of happy relationships as well as personal achievements and rewards. The main difference with the World, is that the card of the Sun also speaks of actions to take, of changes and fast renewals. If only one word should describe the Sun in Tarot, it would be joy.

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The Sun’s Meaning. As an inherently good influence, finding the Sun is a positive development. It is suggestive of personal gain, and that personal goals and joy are within reach, if you are willing to invest the effort to actualize them.