three kings orion’s belt

Orions Belt (propernoun) A bright asterism located near the celestial equator; it consists of three bright stars lined up and visibly close together. It is part of the constellation Orion and includes the stars Alnitak (\u03B6 Ori), Alnilam (\u03B5 Ori), and Mintaka (\u03B4 Ori).

The three pyramids at Giza are some of the most mysterious, perplexing, and magnificent ancient structures in the world. Together they demonstrate the concept of sacred alignment, as they form a precise three dimensional map of the stars in the belt of Orion onto the ground.

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THE RISE OF THE ANUNNAKI STAR SYSTEM; SIRIUS ORION, PLANETS AND SUNS OF THE CROSSING. PART #1 The Orion Mystery The three pyramids of Giza are a perfect reproduction of the 3 stars of Orion’s belt: . Like the pyramids, the three stars of Orion are not perfectly aligned, the smallest of them is slightly offset to the East.

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These three bright stars in Orion’s belt are called today what they were called in ancient times: The Three Kings. The Three Kings and the brightest star, Sirius, all point to the place of the sunrise on December 25th.

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Aligns with the three brightest stars (known as "The Three Kings") in Orion’s belt point to the position of the sunrise ("The Birth of God’s Son") on December 25th (winter solstice). The Virgin.

The three stars of Orion’s belt, also known as the Three Marias, always point to Sirius. The stars don’t move, relative to one another, over the course of a human life time. In the other direction, the Three Marias point toward a spot in eastern Aries.