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Tori Spelling: Spokesperson For A. Psychic Line?! | TMZ Tori Spelling, who was a former neighbor of the “Charlie’s Angels” star, told Access Hollywood that the blonde bombshell visited her from beyond during a psychic reading.”I was talking to a medium,” Spelling told Access Hollywood in an interview to promote her third memoir, “uncharted terriTORI,” which hit bookstores on Tuesday.

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. rocky start. Katy Perry and Miley Cyrus get new tattoos. Farrah Fawcett's ghost barges in on Tori Spelling's psychic reading. Thursday gossip has no manners.

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Tori Spelling has claimed she received a message from beyond the grave from Farrah Fawcett while using a psychic to reach her late television producer father Aaron Spelling.

Well, this could potentially ease some of Tori Spelling’s reported money issues.. The 42-year-old actress has just been announced as Psychic Source’s new celebrity partner and spokesperson.

The Spelling brood is expanding once more, but this time it’s Tori Spelling’s younger brother Randy who is the bearer of happy news. The portland-based life coach and his wife, Leah Stutz.

Tori Spelling and Husband Dean mcdermott enjoy pda-filled date night in LA Tori Spelling Kisses Dean McDermott On Set Amid Drama at Home Tori Spelling and.

They made David Silver a douchebag who divorced poor tori spelling because only she returned to 90210. That’s just a fact of the psychic character fans grew to love during her run on That’s So.

About Tori Spelling: Tori Spelling is a versatile actress, producer, author, designer, and entrepreneur, perhaps best known for her starring role as Donna Martin on the hit television series "Beverly Hills, 90210" (10 seasons) and her New York Times best-selling memoirs.

A judge issued a bench warrant for Tori Spelling after she failed to show up in court for an ongoing lawsuit with City National Bank, according to.

Explore Iria Gonzalez's board "Tori Spelling", followed by 841 people on. tori spelling receives 4 Pieces of Advice You Need to Hear for 2017 Psychic.

Tori Spelling may have a little cash to waste on more useless items for her storage containers (you know she’s not going to pay off her debt), because she just signed a deal as a spokesperson for a psychic phone line.Tori is a great choice for this company, since she believes money will come when she pays someone else to tell her what she wants to hear.