tumbled blue calcite

signs you re psychic Note from Anna: this is a guest article from Shar Smith, a psychic medium from Australia. In this article she shares her interesting story of spiritual awakening, along with 10 common signs you are going through an awakening of your own! Over to Shar. What is a Spiritual Awakening? Spiritual awakenings have become almost fashionable.

Tumbled Blue Calcite: All psychic revelation crystals and stones are standardized on 1". Where this is not possible the actual size will be in the crystal listing. More.

Basic Rock TUMBLING Instructions Use silicone carbide grit until stones are perfect and then use polishes for a hard shine. Grit comes in 46/70 extra coarse, 60/90 coarse, 150/220 medium, and 400 fine (pre-polish). The extra coarse grit is for a stone that needs extra grinding such as a crust around agates or very pitted stones.

Blue Aragonite can help with illnesses and weaknesses of the respiratory system and can stimulate the lungs. It is also useful in treating muscle spasms. If you suffer from Geopathic Stress then Blue Aragonite may help with this too. Mental/Emotional Blue Aragonite is an uplifting stone and one that helps to instil a sense of optimism in us.

Blue Calcite Gemstone Calming and Enhances Psychic Gifts. It helps to boost the flow of energy within your body, and will help to clear negative vibrations from its vicinity, so its good to keep close by. It is an excellent stone to aid the development of your psychic gifts and may enhance your creativity.

Blue Calcite Tumbled Stone. Has the most beautiful colour, great quality. Ideal for clearing chakras. 20-25mm. calcite – amplifies energy, boosting creativity and memory, overcoming fear and increasing joy.

Mineral Family: Blue Calcite is a Carbonate mineral.Carbonates are an important part of the Earth’s crust and are found in sedimentary, metamorphic, and igneous rocks. Carbonates are minerals which contain the carbonate group CO 3 as their basic structural unit. They form in a trigonal system with one carbon atom centrally located between 3 oxygen atoms.

Blue Calcite Egg with Stand Rare blue calcite eggs have beautiful sky blue hues! calcite is said to heighten cosmic awareness and enhance study. Calcite crystals are highly bi-reflective, that means light is reflected in two different directions. The Walnut Finish Oriental Stand is included. CG-bcal45 45mm or 1 3/4" Regular – $66.95

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You can buy a single Blue Aragonite or several, depending on your individual needs. Each Blue Aragonite measures approximately 1 inch at its longest length and has a unique shape with soft edges. Tumbled stones are natural products and variations are part of their beauty.