tumbled serpentine

A look at Green Dragon Serpentine Serpentine is a metamorphic rock, varying in color from a pale green, to yellow-green, to deep green, to brown, to an almost black color. Serpentine is a soft stone, which can easily be carved.

Before long, the river tumbled onto the rolling waves of the first Class III. Unique geology maintains the crystal water. The heavy, metal-rich serpentine rock – found only a few places on earth -.

TUMBLED STONES. ENERGY TOOLS. ALL. JEWELRY. BRACELETS. NECKLACES. ALL. BY INTENTION. BALANCE & FOCUS. HEALTH & WELLNESS. LOVE & HAPPINESS.. The Serpentine crystal reminds us that life is a series of choices, so choose wisely and always follow your bliss.

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Serpentine tumbled raises kundalini energy, clears clouded areas of the chakras and stimulates the Crown chakra. Excellent for meditation.Physical – said to aid in treatment of diabetes, and aid in calcium and magnesium absorption.Chakras: All

Serpentine Tumbled Stones. Serpentine is a highly spiritual stone that works with all chakras to expand our state of consciousness. It is known as the stone of earth energy and kundalini activation.It is one of the only stones that protects against negative energy and attracts positive energy at the same time.

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Tumbled Serpentine (Peru) – This Tumbled Serpentine from Peru has a waxy luster and is a yellowish color that is a wonderful healing stone! Serpentine helps to clear out and release the clouded/dense areas of all chakras so that healing can occur. Serpentine will help with healing on all levels (mental, emotional, and physical).

Serpentine tumbled stones represent clarity and commitment rolled in one. A powerful success stone as it channels clear intention. HEALING / MAGICAL PROPERTIES * Set your intentions with these powerful stones and stand back!

Serpentine is the true stone of our Mother Earth, it’s forgotten magical history, and it’s epic future. It is a magnesium Silicate Mineral that occurs in a rather fibrous form.

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