what does drowning in a dream mean

What does it mean to dream of drowning? well the day before i dream of spiders in my head and last night i dream that my house was being flooded by a lot of water and we has leave the water was black and oily and the water was coming from the top so we could she the water covering the top of the House first and flooding down everything what.

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What does it mean when you dream about drowning whilst trying to save someone from drowning? Drowning is often a symbol of being overcome by emotions or situation "beyond your control".

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Drowning in a dream is traumatic. When you see someone else drowning, it can be even worse. If you are unable to save them, you feel helpless and desperate. This is certainly the case if you actually know the individual in your dreams. When you dream of someone drowning, it can mean a number of [.]

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Dream interpretation Drowning, meaning of dream about Drowning, Dreams symbol Drowning interpretations. Before you decide this is a dream based on emotions or some other non-tangible factor, you might want to make sure the dream is not rooted in physical reality.

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What does it mean to dream of someone drowning. This can have a number of meanings and needs to be applied in the context of your conscious mind. The more common meanings is that you are overwhelmed by the drowning person, see them as overwhelmed, or the emotional situation between the two of you is overwhelming or out of control.