what is the meaning of parcel

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Definition of parcel – an object or collection of objects wrapped in paper in order to be carried or sent by post, a quantity or amount of something, esp

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The standard rate of VAT has risen from 17.5% to 20% as the government looks to boost tax revenues to cut its deficit. Business groups have warned that retailers will be hit by the increase, while.

parcel (something) off or parcel off (something) : to divide (something, such as land) into separate, smaller parts especially in order to sell it The property was eventually parceled off and sold in pieces.

Meaning "package" is first recorded 1640s, earlier "a quantity of goods in a package" (mid-15c.), from late 14c. sense of "an amount or quantity of anything." The expression part and parcel (early 15c.) also preserves the older sense; both words mean the same, the multiplicity is for emphasis.

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How To Get Started With Flexbox - Modern CSS Layouts #2 Define Land parcel. Land parcel synonyms, Land parcel pronunciation, Land parcel translation, English dictionary definition of Land parcel. n. Land, including the resources in and on it, and the buildings and permanent fixtures attached to it. real-estate adj. n another term for real property.

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Definition of PARCEL: In the law of real property parcel signifies a part or portion of land. As used of chattels, it signifies a small package or bundle. See State v. Jordan,

The free-fall technique had already been practised in Okinawa by US marines in August last year, meaning the US has been. this strategy appears to be part and parcel of an overall US capability.