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Qualities of White and Silver. White is the purest color, in that it is comprised of all the colors of the spectrum. It reflects every other visible wavelength of light, even the ones only available to those people who have tetrachromacy (the ability to see extra colors).

Hi, recently ive been seeing a white light on people like a white aura sometimes even certain things but mostly people. if i focus too much on it it goes away what does this mean?. i am able to read people really good. but seeing the whitish yellowish aura around people was a first

A white aura can also be a representation of highly spiritual people who have strong connections to the spiritual world, and have reached a higher state of enlightenment. Find out more about what having a white aura means about a person.

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Description of the human subtle body – auras and chakra.. Crystals reflect the highest vibration of energy: White light, the universal life force. Crystal, or white.

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A white aura symbolizes a soaring and awakened spirit. White is the color of transcendence and higher dimension, as well as a higher level of consciousness.

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ABOUT AURAS AND AURA COLOR MEANINGS. WHAT IS THE AURA? The aura is the electromagnetic field that surrounds the human body (Human Energy Field-HEF) and every organism and object in the Universe.

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What your aura color means says a lot about the energy you are. A white aura indicates the highest form of spiritual development there is.

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Aura colors and meanings. The human aura is believed to be made of 15 different layers of colors of energy that are all interconnected. Most teachings of the human aura are often focused on the first 7 layers of the human aura.

How to See Your Aura: Learn to See the Human Aura in 4 Minutes White aura reading is related to Crown Chakra as white aura color means peace, balance, harmony, white aura is a good sign. white aura color for peace, white aura reading come from higher meditators.