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Goddess Weight Loss - Support for Wiccans Weight Loss Spells. Weight loss spells can help you stay focused on a goal, conquer cravings or just motivate you to stick to a diet but magick cannot work miracles. If you cast a spell, then still eat too much or exercise too little, nothing is going to happen.

Whether you are purchasing a love spell, a job promotion spell, a "make my house sell" spell, a weight loss spell, a court case spell, or any kind of spell whatsoever, the more information you can give me about the parties involved, the location, dates, and the situation itself, the better I will be able to tune in to you and to your issue to.

Faith-based diet, wiccan-style. Recent reports have pegged churches as breeding grounds for obesity, And if diet isn’t enough, you can cast a weight loss spell or take a weight loss bath to help you along.

Reversing candles also come in the form of black-over-red glass-encased vigil lights, which are burned as part of a long-distance method to send bad spells back to the one who cast them. It is important to note that these glass-encased candles derive from the earlier free-standing double action jumbo and Reversing jumbo candles shown above. Because they are poured into glass containers and.

third eye experiences The third eye is a little higher than your experience. The way the mystics in the East have categorized the evolution of consciousness is in seven centers. Your experiences belong to the fourth center, the heart.

A spell to help you lose weight. Only use this spell if you are overweight or if losing weight would not make you underweight. The goal is to be healthy. Needed: A candle (red for health and energy, orange for success, yellow for mental power, green for beauty and health, or white for general use)

A white magic weight loss spell. Here is a weight loss spell from The Green Witch that is a little more involved. It uses candle magic, herbal magic and also the powers of crystal magic. The spell requires that you focus on the outcome of the casting and gives you courage and success in your endeavor.

Diets Are Hard, So I Tried Casting A Magic Spell To Help Me Lose Weight

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