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The Spiritual Significance of the june solstice 2016. by Tanaaz. 1 Comment. 7K. Shares.. The winter solstice is a time to worship the Goddess Moon, The Spiritual Significance of the Solstice June 2018. intuitive astrology forecast june 2018.

Winter Solstice spiritual meaning. If the Solstice happens to be your birthday, or you’re born close to it, And of course Winter Solstice is a deeply spiritual time too, being the birth time of religious saviours the world over, like Jesus Christ and Egyptian god,

The Winter Solstice is an astronomical event that has been celebrated by humans for thousands of years. For our pre-industrial ancestors, the winter was a time when they feared running out of the food and warmth they needed to survive.

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Solstice Blessings! ritual acts give life meaning. They also honor and acknowledge the unseen web of Life that connects us all. If you don’t have a community that provides this, don’t be afraid to create your own and reclaim your connection to the source of all life.

According to the Cambridge Dictionary, it is either of the two times during. This year the winter solstice is on December 21st at 3:03 p.m., PST.. I did, and it was all really interesting, from the very pagan on through the very Christian.. Select Month, February 2019 (1) · September 2015 (1) · April 2015 (1).

The winter solstice is in full stride today (Dec.. 22, 2016.. which may have had spiritual significance to the people who built the monument,

The Astrology and Esoteric Meaning of Christmas and the Winter Solstice. WHY XMAS is TRULY HOLY! Tags: *Solstice* Meaning and Spiritual Significance, a bridge to the new way of being, a new awareness, Astral Insights for solstice june 20 2016, Astrologer Divine Harmony, Astrologer Ellias Lonsdale, Astrology for Solstice 2016, Astrology for Summer Solstice June 2016, Astrology for Unity Consciousness, Astrology for Winter Solstice June 2016.

Winter Solstice celebration traditions also developed in native cultures in north and south America, including Pueblo, Hopi and Incan tribes, as well as in Iranian Zoroastrian, and Jewish traditions. Many ancient cultures had a similar spiritual meaning for the winter solstice, and humanity always cared about the rebirth of light.

They say the church later appropriated a pagan holiday around the winter solstice. From the earliest centuries. that low-church Protestants complain most loudly about the true meaning of Christmas.

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