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She calls herself a practicing Witch, with a capital "W." She calls herself a pagan, a goddess, a peace activist, an eco-feminist. She calls herself Starhawk, a name that came to her in a dream. "When.

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How To Make a Besom/Broomstick Beautiful, hand-made Witches’ besom, 152cms (60") long, perfect for ritual work, hand-fasting or simply decoration (brush-head birch, handle Hazel). No Witch should be without one! Due to environmental importation laws, these items may be prohibited from entry into some overseas countries.

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The Witches’ Broom, or Besom is an important and largely misunderstood tool of the Witch. This level of focus and control requires a high level of mastery depending on the task and length of the visit. It is obviously not a practice for the faint of heart or anyone with a wavering or weak Magickal mindset.

Between 1692 and 1693, 20 people were executed (19 hanged, and one pressed to death by heavy stones placed on a board atop his body) in Salem, Mass., after being convicted of witchcraft. Many others.

I thought that this would be a good time to share with you all how to craft your own Witch’s Broom, known as a Besom. Technically speaking, a broom is the flat ended sort of object that we generally use for physical cleaning; while a Besom is a round shaped bunch of straw (or other.

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A besom is a tool used in Wicca to cleanse and purify a space which will be used for ritual.. There is a theory that the origin of the idea of witches flying with their brooms is based in a ritual involving a psychoactive drug trip.

THE CARE AND FEEDING OF THE WITCH BROOM. I found all of this on the Internet many years ago and have no clue who wrote it.but I like it so here it is.. Besom Chant . Besom, besom long and lithe . made from ash and willow withe. tied with thongs of willow bark . in running stream at moonset dark.