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Xara Beatrice Matsagou is not a scammer. She is a real spell caster and her spells are free yes they are free! I think she use to charge money for her spells, but recently she stopped doing that and started doing them for free. I tried using her last year, but she had went MIA for a while, but now she is back and ready to change your life.

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Maybe it kind of worked because I immediately found Ashra who is a real spell caster. I believe that Xara is a scam. It is much better that you.

I have removed Xara from my real spellcasters list do to new information that I found about her. I was blind sided by the fact that her spells were free and so many people have gotten results from her that I instantly believe that she was real.

High Quality Love Spells in Xara. Whatever the nature of your desired love spell in Xara, Mr Fattha can help to ensure it will be cast in the most effective manner. Being a spiritualist and clarvoyant with great experience, Mr Fattha will be able to quickly determine which type of love spell will be most suited to your circumstances.

xara matsagou is a scam from India she just took 700.00 dollars from me.The young lady u see on change your life spell is not her, I befriended her on face book and she added me she told me that a love spell will cost $180.00 dollars so i sent it western union to her temple in India, and after that she wanted more and more money so i sent it two more times then i finally told her i wont be.

Wealth spells . Have you ever dreamt of having an endless cash flow? Was being rich one of your dreams as a child? Making it rich with hard work can take years- if it happens at all.

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Originally Answered: Does a Xara Beatrice spell work?. If someone pays different professional spell casters for spells concerning the same situation what may.